Question and answers about Corona crisis


Over the past few days, we at CNB have answered all your questions with respect to the Corona crisis as much as possible. We have collected and summarized the different questions and answers for you and will adjust this list daily, if necessary.

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The Corona crisis brings you but also CNB to an unknown territory. Taken into account all the uncertainties resulting from the Corona crisis, we cannot give a clear answer to any question. The answers were firstly motivated by how CNB would act under normal circumstances. To these answers any additions as a result of the Corona crisis are added.

The Corona crisis and payment risks
An important activity of CNB is the assessment of payment risks. Customers who buy via CNB, are  assessed whether they can pay (in time). We do this, among other things, by maintaining contact and requesting documentation. The crisis now caused by the Coronavirus gives a completely new dimension to the assessment of risks. As it stands, various buyers are having problems paying their bills on time. Buyers will have to make every effort to meet their obligations. One of the main questions you have, is whether CNB will pay the upcoming payment dates. At the moment we are doing everything we can to get that done.

More information
You can find information about this on various websites (AnthosKAVB).  
We advise you to do everything possible to claim the arrangements intended for you.

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