Digital Remote assistance

It is possible that we can watch with customers through remote assistance. We use the TeamViewer program for this.

This program allows our employee to log in once and temporarily on your computer. You don’t need to install Teamviewer, just start it up.

Windows & Mac

  1. Download TeamViewer Quick support via the link.
  2. Open the TeamViewerQS.exe program by double-clicking it. You can run the program without installing it.
  3. you will now be asked if you really want to run the program. Click ‘Yes’.
  4. In the TeamViewer window that opens you will find an ID and password. Pass this on to one of our employees, so that they can also watch on the computer.
  5. Leave the TeamViewer window open, otherwise, we will not be able to connect.

Each time the connection is lost or the program is restarted, a new password is generated. We can therefore only log in once with the specified password. If you want to give us access to the same computer in the future, all you have to do is restart the downloaded program and provide the ID and new password.