Enthusiastic consultants who find the right opportunities for dahlia experts!

Our CNB Dahlia team consists of two team members, Richard Walkier and Dave van Schie. In addition to matching the right supply to the right demand, they also support breeding companies, growers, exporters and organizers of show gardens in their development and other endeavors. Growers association Gallery is a perfect example of their efforts.


Promotion and exclusive varieties
CNB supports you with successful product promotions. From ad campaigns in international trade magazines to online social media campaigns. In addition, CNB promotes exclusive varieties on premiumvarieties.com/dahlia.

Each year, you can admire our latest dahlia selection in our show garden. The last edition featured no less than 650 cultivars from 26 different exhibitors. CNB also organizes an annual trade show in collaboration with the complete Dahlia trade: the CNB Dahlia week. Here, we display over 60 dahlias varieties. The flower show is open to growers, breeding companies, florists and export companies.


Highlighted image: Dahlia