René van Marrewijk and Nick Broersen, who look after this network, maintain close contact with the nursery that serves potted calla and cut calla growers.

You benefit from the experience of the two consultants, who also coordinate the purchasing and sales, while exchanging valuable market information during this process.

New developments in this trending product follow each other quickly. With the knowledge of this team you can turn this into an advantage.  The CNB Calla team has a wide selection of cultivars, which are brokered against current market prices to dry sales export companies.  

Promotion and exclusive varieties
CNB supports you with successful product promotions. From ad campaigns in international trade magazines to online social media campaigns. In addition, CNB promotes exclusive varieties on The following varieties have been successfully introduced on the market by CNB: Belcanto, Gold Medal, Captain Lovely, Captain Morelli, Captain Promise, Captain Reno, Captain Romance, Captain Safari, Captain Rosette, Captain Solo, Captain Trinity and Captain Ventura.

Highlighted image: Calla