Product weeks and showgardens

A perfect picture is what most people aim for but how does your product actually look in real-life? CNB offers you different opportunities throughout the year for showing your product to the trade. We organize product weeks, product days, show gardens and trade shows for almost every product.

In collaboration with our consultants we organize shows that include new varieties or core selections that appeals to bulb nurseries, cut flower growers and export companies; from The Netherlands and abroad. 

Product weeks
We traditionally kick off the new year with CNB’s flower and business relation days. The key moment to see what is available early in the season, especially in lilies, tulips, narcissus, muscari and hyacinths. The show is usually organized in the second week of January at the same time as the Mechanization fair in Vijfhuisen. 

Show gardens
Our show gardens (gladioli, perennial and dahlia) are open to visitors for a longer period of time. These gardens include all the new and coveted varieties. 

Highlighted image: Product weeks and showgardens