Cultivation advice

Use our knowledge and experience! 

Technical decisions on cultivation have a great impact on the yield and quality of your products and your commercial results. Whether you are just starting out as a flower bulb producer or are an experienced flower grower, everyone faces challenges at some point!
Support in cultivation decisions 
We would be happy to help you take the right cultivation decisions. We have years of experience in various cultivation processes and have excellent connections with leading research institutes. We spot the bottlenecks and come up with appropriate solutions.

Our areas of expertise
• storage • processing of bulbs • preparation • ground and fertilization • bulb cultivation • bulbous flower cultivation • crop protection • mechanization • research into the growth phases of tulips • Research into the growth phases and sugar concentration of lilies 

Optimal yield
We are happy to help you take the right decisions that avoid cultivation errors. The cost savings and improved company processes will free you to focus on obtaining an optimal yield.

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