Tulip storage

For tulips we use several storage methods by our own development. Therefore, we are able to look after the complete preparation of tulips in cubic crates for you. Our services also include storage options for ice tulips. 

For tulips from the southern hemisphere, we facilitate preparations in cubic crates as well as small containers (lily crates or export crates).

ULO storage, our specialism
The ULO storage method has become the no. 1 storage method for flower bulbs. ULO means “"Ultra Low Oxygen" and uses gastight refrigerators with a special composition of very low oxygen and carbon dioxide to store bulbs.

CNB UltraMist®
In 2012, CNB developed a new storage method using the CNB UltraMist® technique. This technique allows us to store lilies without finpeat keeping the bulbs in optimal condition. By applying this technique also on ice tulips it means that sealing is not necessary anymore. CNB successfully applied for a patent on this technique.

For more support in research and handling
In addition to the preparation of bulbs, we also offer support in Stage G research, setting up optimal growing schedules, acid control before 1 or 15 October and storage of plant material. We are also available for support in loading containers and relevant administrative handling, such as making up fyto certificates, invoices, packing lists and CMR.

Highlighted image: Tulip storage