Lily storage

When lily bulbs arrive to our facility, they follow a refrigerated treatment process. After receiving the bulbs, we keep to a minimum period of 5 days before the lot is packed. This is to stimulate wound healing and minimize the spread of PLAM-V.   

If desired, we rinse your lily bulbs first before packing and preparing them for transport. We determine the optimal freezing moment of your lilies by measuring the sugar concentrations. During storage we also do a spout control (ULO excluded).

ULO storage, our specialism
The ULO storage method has become the no. 1 storage method for flower bulbs. ULO means “"Ultra Low Oxygen" and uses gastight refrigerators with a special composition of very low oxygen and carbon dioxide to store bulbs.

CNB UltraMist®
In 2012, CNB developed a new storage method using the CNB UltraMist® technique. This technique allows us to store lilies without finpeat keeping the bulbs in optimal condition. 

For more support in research and handling
We are also available for support in loading containers and relevant administrative handling, such as making up fyto certificates, invoices, packing lists and CMR.

Highlighted image: Lily storage